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Aussie NRG is a 100% Australian owned energy consulting firm, providing services across a range of industries. The core of the company’s success is based upon the pluralistic services it can provide to Australian businesses, and operating exclusively for this market.


Aussie NRG strives to meet the energy needs of businesses across Australia. We are a part of a group of companies which specialize in managing energy usage across an extensive range of services.

These companies include an energy brokering company which employ the reverse bidding process, and an electricity metering data company which specialise in data analysis.

At Aussie NRG we build relationships that hold openness and transparence with our clients., we pride ourselves on our ability to clearly communicate with our clients, and ensure that their energy needs are being met to the highest of standards.


Our tripartite collection of businesses ensures that our clients’ needs are being met for major aspects of the energy market.


Aussie NRG operates in partnership with associations

Nationwide involvement to offer unique overall services

At Aussie NRG, we choose to operate with associations for a number of reasons.


By working with associations, we are able to centralise the communications between our business and the associations members. This means of communication ensures transparency on behalf of our business, meaning that the association is privy to a standard of openness which we strive to deliver.

We also ensure that members of the association understand the value of the membership they hold with the benefits they will receive from our services. In a lot of cases the association members, we have supplied have received savings which outweigh the cost of their association membership.


Contact us to find how we can tailor our services to your member’s needs.


Level 28, 303 Collins St

Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

T. 1300 440 224

F. (03) 9923 6645

E. ContactUs@aussienrg.com

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