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Our sunny country makes solar a tempting option for most home and business owners.


The cost savings from not buying electricity will quickly recoup the cost of most solar systems.


AussieNRG can lend a helping hand to ensure the best system for your needs.

There is often confusion about which types of panels are the most cost effective. We have a broad and strong knowledge of available systems and are happy to answer any questions.


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Hybrid systems

Energy Cube

a convenient all in one solution

The energy cube provides a simple and convenient solution for consumers.


It uses a combination of wind a solar generation techniques to ensure consistent power supply.


The energy cube even has built in energy storage banks to provide you with power on demand.

Electricity Storage

Personal energy storage solutions

Reduce demand tariffs and improve renewable systems.

A renewable energy solution, unlike tradition generation, cannot be adjusted for demand. This means power can go to waste if not accounted for or an inadequate amount may be available at any time.


The best solution for this is a personal energy storage system, a power bank of sorts. These systems exist in a number of forms, from literal battery banks to alternative energy storage methods.


We have a strong understanding of the latest technologies in power storage and will be able to help you decide on an optimal system


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