About AussieNRG

AussieNRG’s goal is to help Australian businesses reduce costs associated with their electricity.

The core of the company’s success is based upon the pluralistic services it can provide to Australian businesses in the energy market.  Working primarily with businesses, AussieNRG's core focus is on getting the best electricity pricing possible and suggesting ways to help businesses reduce their kWh consumption on site.

AussieNRG provides a personalized and professional service, that seeks to put our clients’ needs first. With a dedicated service provider for each of our partnered businesses, the exceptional communication achieved at AussieNRG is integral to our businesses’ success, ensuring communication between parties is treated with transparency.

"The energy market can be very complex for

"Some businesses are able to give energy contracting the attention it deserves; as it is our core business, we can handle it smoothly and let clients focus on theirs."